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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: The Friendliest City in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a great vacation destination option for tourists to visit the city known as the “Friendliest City in Mexico”. Puerto Vallarta is a destination in Mexico with a rich cultural history. It is well known for its artistic features and aesthetic beauty.

The people are friendly and are well known for hospitality and having a lively nature. One of the most critical aspects of the city is that it has excellent weather, which allows the tourist to make the most of a trip with plenty of outdoor activities.

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The sunset over the Bay of Banderas is a must-see event in itself. The sights and sounds of street vendors are another unique feature for tourists to experience. Another exciting excursion would be a visit to the zoo where guests can have the chance to hold lion cubs and have cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

The weather remains perfect throughout the year. Temperatures average to about 86 °F with 75% humidity. It frequently rains between July and September. The month of November is known for thunderstorms, but it does not decrease the dryness of the overall climate.

It is an excellent option for tourists to visit the “Friendliest City in The Mexico” and learn precisely why Puerto Vallarta was given this title.

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