American Resorts Association knows that Paris is famous all over the world because of its culture and also all the breathtaking locations you can see there to make your holiday lovely and memorable.

Here are some that American Resorts Association recommends seeing:

Eiffel Tower

Whenever you say Paris, you will no doubt think about the Eiffel tower. It is the icon of France that was meticulously constructed. In the evening, glowing lights make it romantic and a spectacular sight.

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Musee Picasso

Here you can discover the art of the great painter named Picasso. His paintings are world renowned for their creativity. The work is displayed in sequential order as Picasso painted them so you can see his progression as an artist. This museum closed on Tuesday so make sure you plan around that.

Hotel de Ville

This is a beautiful building and a place for people to walk around in its splendor. In winter you can enjoy ice skating as there are free ice rinks set up for people to use.

Arc de Triomphe

This is the most prominent arch in the world, and you can easily walk there. There is a museum displaying the history of the arch and also its significance with Napoleon. Travel Experts also know that from the top you can view the whole city of Paris.

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Paris has recently suffered a loss with the fire of the famous cathedral of Notre Dame that was caught on fire during some renovations. However, that is one of the reasons to visit cities such as these. Monuments and structures have been built so many years ago and are very susceptible to damage.

Many people have seen the Cathedral and have been happy that they have pictures of the original features contained inside.

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