American Resorts Association discovered Costa Rica to be the most mesmerizing destination for the entire family to rejuvenate and enjoy together. The exuberant sights of nature and its beautiful beaches make Coast Rica the destination of your dreams.

American Resorts Association works up in maximizing value on your travels in Costa Rica and guides you to some great local attractions where you may find ecstasy.

American Resorts Association recommends their guests not miss the experience of an exclusive array of healing with spa treatments while in Costa Rica. You may enjoy the massages anywhere in the world after relaxing in natures own warm therapeutic baths among the natural springs that emerge from the veins of active volcanoes.

American Resorts Association Takes You On A Whale Watching Trip To Costa Rica (1)

American Resorts Association members also suggest visitors enjoy Costa Rica at its best by hiking in the Tropical Forest of Corcovado National Park and spending some great time bird watching while numerous species from all over the world populate the forest cover, especially during the winter season. Costa Rica is filled with the world’s most famous whale watching sites as an incredible variety of whales and porpoises visit its coasts round the year. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss watching the remarkable humpback whales off the arctic swimming around.

Travel experts recommend its active and energetic guests to soar like a bird in the sky taking a ride in humungous helium balloons which silently float over steep gorges giving you great snapshots to capture while you enjoy the most exhilarating experience of your life. Strolling the Botanicals Gardens and capturing the beauty of the Butterfly Garden is another treat that tourist to Coats Rica gets to enjoy.

American Resorts Association Takes You On A Whale Watching Trip To Costa Rica (2)

Most experts agree members always visit La Negrita to see the Black Madonna and touch her as it is known to be so scared that your sins will be washed away just by visiting it. So Costa Rica tourists take the opportunity and pay homage to what the natives refer to as the Black Virgin Mary.

American Resorts Association helps its guest to travel to Costa Rica and see the spectacular sight of the mini eruptions, artistically illuminating the dark sky at Arenal National Park.

Our members can live a life of luxury in the most comfortable and economical accommodations available in Costa Rica all because of the efficient service, and this is all due to the pre-planned arrangements made by such professionals.

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