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Santa Fe features a plaza that is now a grassy park. Walking the Plaza, American Resorts Association tourists visit the Palace of Governors, which was constructed soon after the plaza was built in the early 1600s. This is the place where the decisions were made by the Spanish colonial government and by the American territorial governors. Walking through the plaza, the traces of these times are revealed.

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American Resorts Association tourists start the tour from the Plaza, visit the Palace of the Governors and after that cross the street to visit the Museum of Fine Arts.

The architecture of the building catches the visitor’s eye, it is an excellent example of the Pueblo Revival architecture, and it’s a prototype of the city’s characteristic adobe style. It was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, and it holds about 20,000 pieces created by artists who crossed Santa Fe.

American Resorts Association members love to visit every museum: Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, New Mexico Museum – this one features the Spanish Colonial Art galleries – to see masterpieces of the artists who wrote their names into the great book of Santa Fe’s history.

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