American Resorts Association members know that San Diego has everything that people look for in a vacation and this is the reason that they recommend it to the tourist who wants to enjoy and have fun all throughout their vacations.

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From its world-famous Lego-Land to its famous San Diego Zoo this place is loaded with tons of attractions, miles of museums, great food and beautiful weather all year round.

American Resorts Association Reviews San Diego (1)American Resorts Association recommends visiting Lego-land

American Resorts Association says that San Diego is alive with tourists all year round especially from Memorial Day to Labor Day as this is the time when the famous tourist attractions debut new rides and exhibits. But people who are looking for a cost-effective holiday experience in San Diego can visit it with American Resorts Association.

Our members are aware that moving in and around San Diego is never a problem as a tourist can take an Amtrak intercity to and from one tourist attraction to the other, while shuttle buses, taxis, and limousine services are also available.

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Giraffe, San Diego Zoo

The Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego is worth visiting for the drive alone as visitors can enjoy sweeping views of San Diego and the peace.

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Tiger, San Diego Zoo

Your little kids will love to explore its Lighthouse and hiking trails and see a calmer side of San Diego. Tourists love to spot the big whales right from the top of the Lighthouse through their binoculars.
American Resorts Association recommends tourists who are interested in enjoying San Diego’s maritime history to visit its famous Maritime Museum. Three historic museums make up this floating museum, and the kids really have a blast exploring it and parents enjoy the fun too. Movie Night Star is also hosted in during the summer season where parents and kids get to crew the ship. These are immersive activities that keep the kid busy and entertained.

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Dolphin, San Diego Sea World

We offer so many different vacation experiences that you need to start your bucket list no matter what age. Life is short, and the American Resorts Association will make your vacation dreams a reality. See why people love adventure and luxury travel.

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Peacock, San Diego Zoo