American Resorts Association members say that warm, breezes and white sandy beaches are the real reason that millions of tourists visit Aruba every year by air or cruise.

Moreover, its comfortable hotels, resorts, excellent dining, and shopping attractions have also made Aruba the popular tourist destination for roving tourists.

Flamingos on the Aruba beach. Flamingo beach

American Resorts Association members say that for the best culinary experience in Aruba tourist should never miss eating at Ponchos Grill and Bar. This great hotspot place serves the island fares such as dark rum-infused with blue cheese, crusted tenderloin for your candlelit dinner. Many traditional restaurants offer “All You Can Eat” to elegant dining experiences as it is up to the tourists to choose the best one out.

American Resorts Association members know that Aruba is a four-season destination and tourist can visit Aruba whenever they feel like. Nature loving tourist should enjoy a visit to Aruba’s Butterfly Farm and marvel at the gorgeous butterflies that freely flutter in its richly vegetated enclosures. Tourists should bring a camera and be patient because the shots that you get to capture can be amazing.

American Resorts Association also recommends tourist to spend some time in the first Caribbean Museum, the Aruba Archaeological Museum.
This museum is a modern facility and quite different from other Caribbean museums; it tracks the human history of Aruba, displaying artifacts from its past.

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American Resorts Association enjoy their eco-adventure tour in a semi-submarine, in challenging overnight excursions to spy on nocturnal creatures or Scuba dive to explore the wrecked sunken ships under the ocean. Snorkeling is another fun and education way to explore the vast ocean bed and enjoy its unique underwater flora and fauna and varied marine life.

Our members say that tourist can bask in Aruba’s beaches and enjoy world famous high winds of the Caribbean Sea. World famous Kite and Windsurfing instructors are at your beck and call at Aruba’s beaches if you are looking for perfect Kite Surfing and Wind Surfing experiences.
We make vacations perfect at American Resorts Association, Always hassle-free with perfection every step of the way.

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